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There is only One Boss. The Customer.
And he can fire Everybody in the Company from the Chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.
- Sam Walton. Founder, Wal-Mart.

We are Fast Feedback Done Right!

Stop crying like a big baby on Google Review, Yelp, Twitter, or other online review sites.
To permanentaly fix the problem, Join the Movement by giving Quick, Direct, Prviate, & Instant Feedback to Businesses around town  —  from your phone or any mobile device!

Earn Points, just for giving instant feedback!

  • Didn't like the service today? Flip open TellUsQuickly and tell'em!
  • Love what the new management has done? Grab TellUsQuickly and tell'em!
  • Stuck in the only slow checkout line? Pop open TellUsQuickly and tell'em!
  • That place always smells awful! Whip out TellUsQuickly and tell'em!
  • Lazy wait staff? Slide open TellUsQuickly and tell'em!
  • This is seriously the last time you'll be back, unless...Punch open TellUsQuickly and tell'em!

Our Story...
After the exact same order was botched for a 3rd day in a row, the Business Owner had to be told. But wait, there was no good way to Quickly & Privately talk to the Owner or Manager. The receipt has a 32 digit code to take a survey. The survey is really really long & is making me more and more angry. They are asking if I Rent or Own. I can't stand this anymore  —  What now? The Internet sounds like a great place to Bad-Mouth this Business & be done with it! But will that solve my problem though?

The choice is clear  —  it's time to stop visiting this Business and leave in silence (now, where is that coupon for the other place? Maybe I should've tried them a long time ago...)

As Customers, we all have this personal conversation about so many of the local Businesses we visit. For a long time now, we wondered why is it so difficult to Quickly & Privately let the Business know about simple things like loud music, foul smell in the waiting area, repeated goofed up orders, expried coupons mailed, or call out great service from an employee who went out of their way to help us today?

Well, we stopped wondering & launched TellUsQuickly.com.

Our philosophy is simple. To empower every customer to be able to give Quick & Private feedback to Any Business Around Town!

But we're going further. With every feedback given to a Business, TellUsQuickly will donate to a Social Cause - You pick the Charity!

So...Get talking! Tell. Tell All! "Tell Us Quickly" and we will work to communicate your feedback to the Business. Simply Search for a Business and make the committment to give every business you visit your feedback TellUsQuickly.com!

Are you a Business Owner? Let TellUsQuickly be your #1 Business Partner — See How!

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